Expo en cours à Torcy (77) Espace Lino Ventura, prolongée jusqu'à la fin Mars 2024

The photograph is a grain of the time, which will not return

A picture is not taken but it is created, that takes place only once.

It is there this brittleness, which I have liked for my youths, with my Nikon silver*.

The photo is an old friend,
who walks a long with me, bright as an alliance at the end of my arm
It clarifies my life, guides my travel, my ways of meeting,
like an accomplice restoring my emotions accurately.

I often have difficulty with the words, with people a little also,
this is why the photograph comes to my help.

Thus it helps me has to hold me upright, while giving me the giddiness,
and when the scene comes to me, it is the dazzling, an urgency that I must restore,
sometimes in a little awkward way, or on the contrary magnificiently !

But always in a approach of truth and big emotion, it is my blow of heart,
my love at first sight of a hundredth of second.

I do not claim to be an expert, it is simply my truth, like a flash,
that I would like to make you share, through a course in picture

With immediately..

*Today FUJIFILM X100F, NIKON D800, D850 and IPHONE 11 Pro